Our 2019 First Half Roundup

The first half of 2019 was, to say the least, eventful here at Longwood Software:

  • We started the year with a series of enhancements to the RevBase marketing asset management application, in data analytics. Our goal: help marketing departments consistently create more relevant content while maximizing their use of scarce resources. New features we added early this year provide additional insight into the use of content managed by customers within RevBase. We’ll continue to add new analytics functionality over the course of the year. For more details, please see our earlier post, New Tools for Analysis of Marketing Content.  
  • In early March, we suffered a ransomware attack. Recovery took considerable effort, time, and money. But thanks to the hard work of our team and the support of our vendor partners, we were back online within two weeks and were fully operational four weeks later. We rebuilt our software-as-a-service environment with new security rules, tightened practices, and improved procedures. We appreciate the loyalty of our customers who stood with us as we recovered.
  • Recently, we enhanced RevBase to make it easier to manage assets in bulk, as a collection. For example, you can now add multiple items to a group or to a zone at one time. You can also move items to the vault in bulk. And you can manage featured items across all zones much more easily. We thank the customers who provided input for the development of these new features. The new features are available in “Items,” followed by “Wizards.”
  • New customer implementations in the first half of the year included sales support and ecommerce applications for B2B marketers and portal applications for startups. We also updated and expanded implementations for a number of customers, which included print-on-demand, asset customization, and optimized data management.

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