What Is Marketing Asset Management?

Marketing Asset Management (MAM) is the systematic use of a software solution for the management, control, tracking, and distribution of brand assets, marketing materials, sales tools, and creative materials.

A MAM system manages sales materials (brochures, sales and data sheets, etc.), advertising materials (print, online, broadcast, or other media), catalogs, photography, brand materials, corporate videos, and any other finished or work-in-process documents.

A MAM system also secures your source files, PDFs, InDesign, Quark, or PageMaker documents, presentations, logos, photos, other artwork — anything a marketing group uses to market your company’s products or services.

MAM makes it easy for your marketing department to download, rename, backup, rate, group, archive, optimize, maintain, edit, and export files. Generally assets are stored in a digital format, but physical assets are also managed using a MAM system.

Today’s marketers must effectively manage increasing quantities of marketing programs, materials and assets, often on a global basis with a diverse group of constituents, yet do it all with decreased budgets and a lean staff. A robust MAM system helps managers control a growing library of marketing materials with far fewer resources. Major corporations (those with the highest number of marketing materials to manage) have become leaders in the adoption of MAM solutions.

An efficient, easy-to-use MAM system must accomplish the following:

  • Unite electronic and print marketing assets in one system
  • Manage assets easily and from within the marketing department
  • Unify access from multiple sources, including sales teams, brokers, and freelance creative people/marketing agencies
  • Combine push and pull, including self-service and auto-notification of new materials
  • Manage components and finished goods within the same system
  • Easily reconfigure the system when needed for promotional programs, new product lines, and new marketing materials
  • Collect data continuously from the field through a self-service library, surveys, tracking of who’s using what, and submission of customer success stories
  • Be quick to implement, easy to maintain, and rely on proven software

Even small companies can benefit from a powerful marketing asset management solution. The smallest RevBase customer has three employees. But the company works with large and sophisticated distribution partners and customers around the world. These business partners expect the company to provide online, secure access to project documents, drawings, and images. With RevBase, the company has a world-class resource center that’s organized, up-to-date, and easy to use. And because RevBase is software-as-a-service (SaaS), the company pays an affordable, no-surprises fee – and incurs no additional cost for systems, IT support, or storage.