RevBase: Brought To You By Longwood Software.

RevBase is a prime example of what the team at Longwood Software stands for: helping make the lives of marketing and sales people easier. The reason they work here is they value the long-term commitment Longwood Software has to our customers, our product, and our work. We’ve been bending over backwards to support our customers by creating powerful software and services since 1997.

Longwood Software strives to develop products that give our customers incredible functionality at an affordable price. And ease-of-use is always a core component of the software we create. Our products are so easy to use, in fact, you can get them up and fully operational in as little as a few days, as opposed to the weeks or months many software products demand. Customer service is also key to Longwood’s success. We provide 24/7 access to customer support staff, experts who pair a deep understanding of the needs of marketing and sales personnel with strong technical knowledge.

Our Story:

In 1997, Andres Echenique and Scott Richardson were working together at a software company outside Boston. Scott, a marketing manager overseeing a brand overhaul, was frustrated by his inability to keep track of a large number of images, PDFs, and creative files. Andres, an accomplished software engineer, suggested he use a database to store all the files and record how they were used. An idea was born.

Working from Andres' basement, the two devoted themselves full-time to market research on the concept of a database built specifically for marketers that could store a range of marketing files – one that offered a flexible classification scheme, easy search tools, and scalability. Based on their findings, Andres developed a prototype for the industry's first marketing asset management software application. Kronos signed on as the first customer in late 1997 and more than 10 other companies followed within the next 12 months.

Twenty years later, Longwood Software remains committed to developing innovative software that helps marketers work efficiently and effectively in the digital era.

Here’s an introduction to two RevBase team members, with their own words on what our work is all about:

Our Passion For Marketing Technology.


I thrive on helping companies make that decision to step into Marketing Asset Management and use it to reach their marketing goals. That’s where the fun, challenge, and excitement are – helping a marketing department step into and thrive in the era of digital marketing.

Scott started working in software marketing back in 1989, gaining expertise in product marketing and marketing communications. This experience, and his insights into the process of marketing, set off a light bulb in his head – and the idea for RevBase was born.

Having dealt with global marketing operations and global sales operations for a quarter century, right through the digital revolution, Scott developed his real passion: exploring and innovating at the intersection of marketing and technology. That’s where he finds himself now, developing the tools that make the jobs of marketing and sales professionals easier and more efficient.

Our Commitment To Customer Care.

From the beginning, we’ve made it a priority to listen to our customers – in fact, our first customers helped us prove our Marketing Asset Management concept. Our client base is where our best ideas come from, and why everyone at Longwood Software is customer-oriented.

Looking at the response we get, we must be doing something right. Our customers tell us we’re among the most responsive, helpful providers they have. They say they appreciate how we explain things, give them options, and then set them up for success. It’s built into our culture. And we never forget that our customers are entrusting us with their work – and their success.

CHARLES SMITH, Director of Customer Care

The emphasis here is on client goals, more than our own. That’s the simple truth.

With deep experience in customer service, Charles does more than just foster customer relationships – he owns them. His diverse background in business management gives him insight into how client businesses run, and how a customer can integrate Longwood Software’s marketing technology to produce the most value.

Customers have called Charles the best trainer they’ve ever had. They say he’s extremely good at guiding customers, thinking through their needs, and directing them to successful outcomes. Charles brings this level of accountability and perseverance to every conversation with every customer.