RevBase Makes Managing Your Brand Marketing Assets Easy.

No matter what your title – from Creative Manager to Global Marketing Manager – you have to contend with managing and disseminating hundreds or even tens of thousands of marketing assets. And up until now, the only solutions available have been a mishmash of emails, shared drives, intranet sites, and the like.

  • Sales reps are complaining that they can’t get their hands on the sales materials they desperately need.
  • Your own direct reports are taking much more time than they should updating marketing pieces.
  • Proper version control is little more than a pipe dream.

Manage, Share, and Measure All Your Brand Assets.

RevBase takes a systematic approach to Marketing Asset Management, effortlessly connecting marketing and sales assets to those who need them. RevBase gives you control in three ways:


RevBase gives you total control over all your brand assets, so you can manage each and every document easily. Search the document library, fulfill assets as needed, archive versions, and customize any brand asset to suit a specific purpose, from any computer or your mobile device.



Get everyone in your organization the marketing and sales assets they need, when they need them, 24 hours a day. RevBase lets you effortlessly distribute assets, notify recipients of new documents and updated versions, download or email documents for easy access, and even allow literature ordering and print-on-demand.



Make sure you’re always improving your marketing and sales assets with the help of RevBase. The system lets you track usage of each asset and discuss their effectiveness with those using them. RevBase also gives you the ability to measure the usefulness of assets across channels – even down to individual sales reps and vendors.


Check out these 2020 RevBase usage stats:

3.75 million times

System Accessed


User Accounts Added

> 1 million

Customer Assets Added

2.2 million



Orders Placed