New Tools for Analysis of Marketing Content

Around the clock, users of RevBase marketing asset management access the system, search for content, review results of searches, download assets, place orders, send emails, and more. Their actions are recorded in the system, which enables our customers to create reports on users, items downloaded, what is and isn’t being ordered, etc. These reports help customers identify and measure trends over time.

All of that is important and useful. But now we’re aiming to go beyond it, to provide deeper insight into what’s happening within our customers’ RevBase applications. We want to help our customers take full advantage of patterns of activity within their marketing asset application. Doing so will allow them to make better decisions, delight users, and grow revenue. 

Analytic threads we’re pursuing.

RevBase already has an extensive set of reports, and a robust scheduled reporting service (Auto Reports). To extend this, our software development team is pursuing these paths:

  • Using analytics to make RevBase applications easier and more intuitive for users, so they find what they need and are apprised of relevant assets more quickly

  • Providing insights about use of content managed within the application, to help marketing departments create more relevant content, improve the use of scarce resources, and maximize their content investment

  • Having the system automate notifications and follow-up actions, to influence the behavior of users in real time

To accomplish this, our engineering team is increasing the number of events we track, developing tools to help customers analyze patterns of usage, and building in triggers that allow administrators to define actions based on repeated patterns of activity. 

Join us in this journey to enhance marketing asset management analytics. For doing so, we’ll give you this gift.

As we move forward with this work, we’d like your input to make RevBase marketing asset management more useful than ever. Please answer our 3-minute survey on new tools for marketing analysis. For doing so, we’ll give you our handy RevBase magnifier with LED light for free. 

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