RevBase Privacy Policy.

Longwood Software, Inc. is committed to respecting the privacy of our customers and visitors to our websites. We have established a privacy policy and a set of practices that govern our use and handling of personal and confidential information that we collect or that is entrusted to us. Our privacy policy and practices cover the following areas:

Use and Handling of Personal Information:

We ask you for personal information only when it is needed to provide services you have asked us to provide or to respond to your requests for information. Longwood Software does not share, rent, sell, or trade personal information, including email addresses that identify our prospective customers, customers or users to third parties. However, we may use this information to contact you to ensure that you are satisfied with our products or services, to learn about any ideas you might have to improve our offerings, or to bring to your attention additional offerings or services we can provide to you.

Use of Cookies:

Longwood Software uses "cookie" technology to authenticate user accounts when accessing our services. Users who disable their web browsers' ability to accept cookies will not be able to successfully use the services.

Information Privacy and Security:

In the course of your use of services available from Longwood Software, you may entrust us with confidential personal and/or business information not related to transactions you have with us. We recognize the importance of such information to you. We have put into place controls to ensure that your confidential information will only be able to be accessed by individuals whom you have explicitly authorized to do so.

In addition, we have implemented safeguards in the form of security technology, management practices, and physical security to protect you from the loss, misuse, or unauthorized alteration of the information you have entrusted to us. You can enhance the effectiveness of these safeguards by creating passwords that cannot be easily accessed, guessed, or reproduced by unauthorized persons.