A Key to Sales Enablement Success

sales enablement with technology

Marketing asset management software is key to empowering sales teams via sales enablement.

Before we share that key contributor to success in sales enablement, here are other essentials on this topic.

Definition of Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is about giving sales teams the content, tools, training, and processes needed to sell as easily and cost-effectively as possible.

Major Benefits

Sales enablement makes the practice of sales more repeatable, predictable, and scalable. Sales teams are more likely to achieve quota, acquire customers they covet most, and keep their best sales professionals.

10 Ways to Score a “10” in Sales Enablement    

Here are major ways to optimize sales enablement:

1. Bring your sales team into the process from the start.

2. Make it easy for your sales team to access content needed to optimize selling: presentations, case studies, white papers, ebooks, videos, infographics, sell sheets, competitive information, and up-to-date pricing.

3. Optimize access from mobile devices to sales and marketing materials.

4. Maintain systems, policies, and procedures that ensure the right sales team members gain access to the right content.

5. Ensure email is optimized for sales reps to easily send marketing materials to prospects and customers.

6. Provide opportunities for sales reps to customize and personalize marketing materials.

7. Give dealers and distributors easy access to the content they need.

8. Update the sales team on an as-needed basis of changes: new content, retired materials, and new pricing.

9. Offer an easy of way to order physical items and print-on-demand.

10. Know what sales and marketing materials are being used, to keep improving the relevancy of content.

And Here’s That Key to Success in Sales Enablement

It’s marketing asset management (MAM): the systematic use of software to manage, control, distribute, and track all sales and marketing assets. MAM centralizes your materials, makes it easier for the marketing department to manage content, unifies access to content, provides important notifications, and more. With marketing asset management, your sales team is better aligned with your business goals. You improve sales velocity, flexibility, and productivity.

Marketing asset management optimizes sales enablement by providing:

  • Easier and faster access to all relevant sales and marketing materials
  • Emailing of assets directly from the system, with clickthrough tracking
  • Notifications to sales reps of new and updated content
  • Full mobile support
  • Ability to order physical items and print-on-demand
  • Personalization and customization of content by individual reps
  • Dealer and distributor portals
  • Secure control of access to sales and marketing materials

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