RevBase Helps Assure Literature Compliance in Life Science Companies


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In the Life Science industry, marketing materials often contain an expiration date. Marketing asset management with RevBase helps makes it easier to ensure current content is always used.

The developer of the RevBase® software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing asset management (MAM) system has introduced a new asset expiration/withdrawal capability in RevBase that is targeted at industries that must ensure regulatory compliance of their marketing materials. The new feature manages the critical end-of-life process for product marketing materials in compliance-related industries such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

No More Worries About Expired Marketing Materials

“Marketers who need to ensure that product literature is not used beyond each item’s specific expiration date can now breathe easier,” said Scott Richardson, president and CEO of Longwood Software. “In industries in which compliance is critical, the new RevBase feature eliminates worry about which marketing materials are used in the field, and provides peace of mind that all out-of-date content is properly retired.”

RevBase is Chosen to Ensure Compliance with Regulations.

An early user of the RevBase asset expiration/withdrawal feature is a leading medical devices company. The company was concerned about how best to communicate from Marketing to the users of promotional assets – the field sales team – when items reach the end-of-life stage. This led the company to explore process improvements across the literature lifecycle. After a review of options, RevBase was selected to establish a better way to communicate with all parties about expiring assets and to ensure that compliance requirements were addressed.

The company now uses RevBase to handle obsolete item notifications, including confirmations of compliance by field sales teams.

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