QR Codes and Marketing Asset Management
to Save BBB Industries $400,000/Year

QR Code marketing repository

QR codes let marketers download documents and access marketing materials to correspond to their unique needs. 

BBB Industries, a manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket replacement parts to the North American vehicle market, offers more than 11,000 SKUs to meet customer needs. Since its founding in 1987, BBB has produced a large volume of printed documents, including instruction sheets, warranty cards, tech tips, and more.

QR codes, marketing asset management, and the move to all-digital document distribution.

Recently, to cut costs and reduce waste, the BBB marketing team began implementing all-digital document distribution using QR codes and their RevBase Marketing Asset Management repository.

Instead of inserting documents in product shipments, BBB now includes a card with a QR code. A QR code is a matrix barcode (“QR” stands for “Quick Response”). It’s a square box that appears to display random designs but actually contains embedded information.

When BBB customers open product boxes, they scan the QR code using an app on their smartphone. The moment they scan the code, they’re taken to a mobile-optimized version of RevBase, where they’re able to download documents applicable to their specific product.

Access to all relevant documents from one QR code.

With the RevBase Marketing Asset Management platform, a company’s customers can access all appropriate documents based on a single QR code. Or the company can print and insert multiple cards, each containing a separate URL that links to a document or video.

Benefits of QR codes to marketing managers.

QR codes offer marketing managers an exciting array of uses. A QR code can resolve to a web page with, say, two documents a customer needs, as well as a promotion relating to a relevant cross-selling opportunity, along with customer service items. Or a QR code could be unique for each product category.

Managers responsible for brand consistency and marketing results will be pleased to know document presentation is both consistent with company branding and is tracked, so marketers know how many people are downloading each of their digital documents.

The RevBase Marketing Asset Management platform allows marketers to:

  • Manage large quantities of documents
  • Create sets (a.k.a. collections or groups) of documents
  • Create a URL to access a specific set of documents within a branded page
  • Track the accessing and downloading of documents

Estimated $400,000 savings in annual production costs.

BBB Marketing Manager Greg Owens estimates BBB will reduce paper/printing costs by $400,000 a year with QR codes and the RevBase document repository.

To schedule a customized 20-minute RevBase Marketing Asset Management application demo, at no cost or obligation, click here.

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