Our Mobile-Enabled B2B eCommerce Solution Is Here

ordering marketing assets by phone

Mobile-enabled B2B eCommerce is now a “must” for many businesses and users.

Outstanding businesses have long relied on RevBase Marketing Asset Management software. Now our customers can optimize RevBase eCommerce applications for mobile users. This new solution is cloud-based, provides full features for online ordering and data exchange, and requires nothing more than a web browser.

Mobile-enabled B2B eCommerce in action.

An early implementation is for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, the health products leader. Reflecting Pfizer branding, the mobile application automatically routes retailers using smartphones and tablets to the RevBase mobile eCommerce application. From there, retailers can search for products and place orders.

Data exchange between RevBase and the Pfizer Consumer Healthcare SAP system is seamless. The easy user interface includes keyword search, highlighting of featured products, visual product displays, item and case pricing, order review, and checkout. From a mobile device, users can also access their order history and see order status.

The U.S. B2B eCommerce market approaches $1 trillion a year.

Forrester Senior Forecast Analyst Susan Wu recently estimated the U.S. B2B eCommerce market at more than $800 billion a year. Forrester VP and Senior Analyst Andy Hoar reported that 60% of B2B companies say their B2B buyers spend more money overall when interacting with multiple channels, and these customers are more likely to become repeat and long-term customers.

The RevBase mobile-enabled eCommerce solution is available now. It can be configured for a wide range of markets, products, and languages. To speak with a RevBase professional about this new solution, phone 978.897.2900. To schedule a 20-minute demo, click here.

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