When Your Team Is More Efficient, Your Results Show It.

Friction between sales and marketing departments is common, given constant demands for more and more marketing and sales content. Marketing efficiency is the order of the day – providing a wide range of brand assets, in different versions and for different needs, with no mistakes. Only by delivering efficiently can marketing and sales see themselves as true partners.

RevBase automates much of your work, so you focus on more important tasks, like elevating the customer experience, meeting or exceeding customer acquisition goals, and optimizing the marketing spend.

With RevBase’s efficient file search and self-service functions, sales reps get the marketing assets they need, without always having to bother the marketing team. By reducing the volume of routine requests from sales, you and your team spend less time on low-value tasks and gain the opportunity to focus on strategic priorities.

Marketing professionals improve efficiency when they easily see which materials need improvement and updating – as well as those that should no longer be produced. And when marketing produces more relevant, higher quality, and just plain better content, the sales team is able to sell more efficiently.

RevBase makes the most of even a modest marketing budget. When your team no longer spends countless hours in reactive mode and fulfills requests more cost-effectively via the marketing asset management system (e.g., automated retirement and replacement of assets and easy personalization of assets by sales reps, while ensuring brand consistency) you enhance your brand while making a bigger bottom-line contribution.