New Customer Applications

We continue to see broad interest in marketing asset management and the need for tailored solutions for marketing asset management across a wide range of industries and companies. We kicked off 2020 working with a number of customers to implement RevBase in ways that are unique, powerful, and efficient for marketing and sales needs.

These applications respond to the fact that marketers are pressed to deliver greater and more targeted marketing support for sales teams but can’t increase marketing headcount. Tasked with doing more with less, they’re looking for efficient solutions they can manage themselves: solutions that are cost-effective and can be up and running quickly to benefit their teams.

One application is for a manufacturer of scientific instruments in the food-safety industry. This business makes equipment used to inspect food packages and food products. When selling their equipment, the sales team often needs to provide evidence to prospective customers that their equipment is indeed capable of detecting certain contaminants within the prospect’s product line. Over the years, they’ve accumulated a large collection of tests run on their machines with various products.

A prospect will come to them and say something like, “We’re looking to detect this particular metal within this baked product.” In such a case, the sales rep’s presentation will be more powerful if she or he can say, “We have customers that do that. As a matter of fact, here’s a test we did using one of our machines that was able to detect that metal within a package of comparable size.”

With lots of these tests on file and no organized way of keeping track of them, in the past, sales reps spent an awful lot of time calling around to find someone in the organization who knew about prior work in a particular area. Working with this manufacturer’s marketing team, we delivered an optimized marketing asset management platform to make these tests available and searchable for all sales reps and sales partners.

Their sales team is now able to enter a particular product and technology– as well as the machine size, package size, industry, and other attributes important to them. From accumulated test results, the system very quickly returns the most appropriate documents and tests to demonstrate that their machinery can solve the customer’s problem. The customer loads tests easily via the user interface.

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