A More Productive Marketing Team That Delivers.

Controlling the high and ever growing volume of brand assets requested from sales and distributors can be daunting, especially when you have internal marketing staff and external agencies to manage. How do you ensure that productivity remains at its peak without getting buried in marketing asset updates and version control?

RevBase enables automated workflows and self-service.

Automated workflows ensure that your people put their efforts into actionable items, while review, approvals, archiving, and other activities are expedited through the RevBase platform itself. Moreover, instead of your staff having to constantly search for and send various documents to those who need them, salespeople and distributors can search your RevBase library themselves and easily download the documents they need – or even email them directly from the library to their clients.

Mobile support – for users on the go, anywhere, anytime.

Plus, with the MyRevBase application – RevBase for Mobile – sales teams can access the RevBase repository when on the go. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, it provides the high reliability, availability, and performance your people expect. Also, with the ability to appoint multiple content managers, asset updating can be distributed across your marketing organization.