RevBase Is Made For Every Marketer.

RevBase is a platform that works the way you do, no matter which way you and your people work. Whether you’re process-oriented or more free-spirited, a control freak or a jack of all trades – every type of marketer can use RevBase to effectively bring all marketing and sales assets together, and bring everyone in the organization around your brand. RevBase is for:

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • VPs of Marketing
  • Marketing Communications Managers
  • Design Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Services Coordinators
  • Service Directors
  • Sales Support Managers
  • And any person with responsibility for marketing assets and sales support

RevBase Works the Way You Do.

What are you looking to achieve with your marketing and sales assets, beyond sales and bottom-line support? Chances are, RevBase will help you meet your goal. Here’s how RevBase helps:

Brand Consistency

In order to have everyone in your organization, as well as vendors, stay true to your brand, you have to take control over messaging and content, and ensure that sales reps have timely access to the right selling tools.


Improved Productivity

Marketing teams often get inundated with requests for marketing and sales materials. By offering automation and self-service capabilities, your people can better focus their time on more productive activities – like creating new assets and updating old ones.


Marketing Efficiency

The fewer requests you receive for materials, changes, edits and different versions, the more efficient your whole marketing system can be. Relying on a platform that handles all those requests for assets means time can be better spent on more important tasks.


Vendor Neutrality

Staying in control means never being tied down to a single vendor. With a vendor-neutral platform, you can keep your options open, to ensure that even the most complex marketing requests can be completed on brand, on time, and on budget, no matter what.



With the number of marketing and sales assets exploding exponentially, scalability in a marketing asset management platform is more important than ever. Now you can rest assured that every asset for every sales person, every vendor, and every agency will be available and accessible, no matter how big the library grows.